New Parts Bulletins

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Are you ready? These applications will soon be entering the aftermarket. Make sure youR.

Melett Compressor Housings NOW AVAILABLE!

Following the successful launch of Melett’s Turbine Housings, we are delighted to announ.

Melett Product Bulletin 620

GTB2056VKL Core Assembly, GT15-25Z Repair Kit, K26 Compressor Wheel (MFS), GTD1444VZ Shaf.

Melett Product Bulletin 619

BV40 Core Assembly, RHF3 Electronic Actuator, GTA1749V Actuator, GT30 Repair Kit.

Melett Product Bulletin 618

K26 Core Assembly, GTD1449VZKL Core Assembly, TF035HM Core Assembly, GT14Z Repair Kit.

Melett Product Bulletin 617

GT3076S Core Assembly, GTB2056VK Core Assembly, GT3076S Bearing Housing, GTB2056VK Bearing.

Melett Product Bulletin 616

GTB1749VK Core Assembly, GTB2056VKL Nozzle Ring Assembly, GTB1749VK Bearing Housing, GTB17.

Melett Turbochargers Bulletin 53

RHF5 Turbocharger, TD02L11 Turbocharger.

Melett Product Bulletin 615

TD03L4 Turbine Housing, GTB1749VK Turbine Housing, GTD1444VZ Turbine Housing, GT1241JOSZ .